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Case Study: Of a Late 20s Primary Mental Health Client

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This case study discusses a female client in her late 20’s female from the Midwest. She presented for treatment for primary mental health including OCD, trauma, Major depressive disorder, and Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Client’s most severe symptoms arise from her trauma due to a bad accident involving her father several years ago. Due to this, client’s life has been extremely sheltered which caused client to be extremely naïve. Approximately two months into treatment client finally admitted that she struggled with substance abuse. Prior to this she minimized her drug use stating, “It was prescribed.” Client abused several controlled substances including benzos.

The Challenge

When client first arrived at the residential level of care, she was highly resistant, non-compliant, guarded, and aggressive, “Queen baby” characterizes, and was observed with several controlled substances that she attempted to sneak into treatment along with an IPOD, and an extra phone. Client initially was planning on returning home to continue her sheltered life with her family. Client’s mindset was focused on leaving after 45 total days of treatment. Therapy was focused on how this client functions internally, and how she has been dealing with her emotions externally causing negative consequences. Client was extremely dismissive, passive, and sarcastic through the first couple of months of her stay.

Methods Of Treatment

Several interventions and different therapeutic behavioral therapies were employed. This included CBT, motivational interviewing, a psychodrama group session, “the empty chair “role play, education regarding her OCD, and client along with her mother attending the intense family programming.


Along with proper medication, she was able to complete all levels of care including sober living. She attended alumni groups several times where she was also asked to share her story. Client managed to obtain employment, along with a sponsor where she began working the 12 steps of NA. Client was able to mend relationships with her father and brother due to therapist working with father to help him understand his role in her trauma. The father eventually apologized to her for his actions, which appeared to have a tremendous impact on client and her treatment moving forward.

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