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Case Study: Mid 30’s Male with Substance Abuse, Anxiety & Major Depression

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Young man works at grocery as he navigates life in substance abuse recovery after treatment in Florida at Destination Hope for Major Depressive Disorder Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Substance Abuse

Client is in his mid-30’s and entering treatment from the southern region of United States. He presented for treatment for substance use disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and Major depressive disorder. Client reported abusing substances at the young age of 11 and shortly progressed to Hallucinogens by the time he turned 13. Client was also struggling with severe family issues including him getting served divorce papers while in treatment. Client was currently employed at a supermarket working in the meat department where client would often drink alcohol in order to get through the day. Destination Hope was his first treatment center.

When client first arrived to the detox level of care, he was very guarded and resistant to change, and remain at Destination Hope. Client initially was planning on receiving treatment closer to his home in order to see his kids. Client was extremely set in his thoughts, and struggled with attending groups due to him wanting to leave.  Client needed to remain at the detox level of care for seven full days due to the severity of his alcoholism. Client’s mindset was focused on leaving after detox. Due to circumstances, client remained in treatment and slowly began to participate. Therapy was focused on how this client functions internally, and how he has been dealing with his emotions externally causing him to have negative consequences. Client was able to get honest about his mental health, specifically feeling depressed, and anxious over his marriage. Client struggled severely with self-blame where he would identify himself as a bad, horrible person who did not deserve to be happy, to be a father, or to be married. After some time, client began engaging in family therapy groups as well as individual family sessions with wife. This eventually led to client grieving properly, along with him gaining closure, and acceptance. Client was able to make connections that he drank alcohol, abused substances, and self-harmed to cope with his depression. Although wife, and client attended family sessions, she decided to move forward with the divorce. Client processed feelings, and emotions with therapist during session as well as during group sessions. Client became a role-model, and peer leader in the community, eventually went to IOP, and excelled in his treatment process.

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Currently client is living with his Aunt who is his strongest support. Client is also a part of his children’s life, and appears to be co-parenting. Client stays in contact through the alumni department Facebook page, and is currently working at a different supermarket. Through client’s course of treatment, he has been able to recognize the need to prevent himself from relapsing by following the psychiatrist recommendation of incorporating medications in addition to his therapy. Client was able to successfully complete the program by utilizing Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, psychoeducation on the 12-step of Alcoholics Anonymous, group interventions such as role-playing utilizing the “ empty chair “ format where he was properly able to say goodbye to his marriage.

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