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Can I Beat Anxiety and Addiction at the Same Time?

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Anxiety and addiction can be overcome at the same time, but the right kind of treatment makes a big difference. In fact, treatment for your mental health disorder and your addiction must be concurrent in order for you to be able to achieve success with overcoming both.

Dual Diagnosis: Anxiety and Addiction

Anxiety and addiction is a very common dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis is when a client is diagnosed with addiction and at least one accompanying mental health disorder. Receiving a dual diagnosis is significant as it’s important that both the mental health and addiction are treated at the same time in order for success to be realized in both areas. Poor mental health can quickly lead to relapse and engaging in addiction can lead to further decline of mental health.

Treatment for Anxiety and Addiction

Psychotherapy is the main treatment method for both anxiety and addiction as well as for a number of other mental health disorders. Psychotherapy allows you to uncover the underlying causes of your anxiety and your addiction giving you the tools necessary to be able to overcome them. Psychotherapy sessions you may participate in separately for anxiety and for addiction include one-on-one sessions, group sessions, family therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.

Lifestyle counseling and stress management are both important for treating anxiety and addiction. They allow you to tailor your lifestyle in such a manner that works for you and your needs while setting you up for continued success. It’s important to manage stress, boredom and other major triggers for problems with your anxiety as well as for substance abuse. These methods can include anything from utilizing time management to balance you work and home life, finding time to relax and engaging in a healthy lifestyle.

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Support group meetings are effective for assisting your recovery client peers as well as receiving support from them as you work on your recovery processes together. Relapse prevention strategies are also important tools for your recovery and may assist with your anxiety as well as minimize stress and other triggers in your life.

Realizing Continued Success

Your anxiety and addiction don’t have to plague you forever. You can successfully manage your symptoms of anxiety and reach a stable and successful recovery. The important thing is to stick to your treatment plans and continue working on success. Don’t lose sight of all of the progress you’ve made and remember that you can do it!

If you or a woman you love is having problems with drug abuse, alcohol dependency and mental illness, women’s drug rehab may be the answer.  Remember that recovery from addiction and alcohol abuse treatment means learning how to cope with intensely emotional situations, and identifying when you need help and support.  Treatment for addiction relapse, counseling, and aftercare can help you do this, so please call us today.  Destination Hope is a full service addiction and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

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