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Can Apps Help Women Stay Clean & Sober?

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The world continues to move online, so it should be no surprise that those in recovery are finding outlets online that will help them in their journey.

As more and more people turn to their mobile devices to stay connected, apps have become increasingly popular in helping those in recovery. Below are some of the apps that could help you in your journey.*

5 Apps to Assist in Your Recovery Journey

Rise Up + Recover

Rise Up + Recover is an app that is geared toward helping those recovering from an eating disorder. The app uses cognitive behavioral therapy to monitor your diet and exercise, as well as your emotions and actions to determine what your triggers are. Motivational quotes are also provided to help you push through your journey in recovery. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

My Gratitude Journal

Sometimes you need to just remember to be grateful for the little things. With My Gratitude Journal, you can journal your thoughts, feelings, and how you spent your day. It’s a great way to look back and see how you’re progressing and how you overcame difficult days. Search iTunes or Google Play to find a gratitude journal app that appeals to you.

Sober Grid

If you’re looking for a social network without all the weekend party posts, SoberGrid can help you connect with other people in recovery. The app uses your phone’s GPS to see if anyone near you is also in recovery, giving you an option to meet up with new people in real life. A newsfeed provides positive messages that can help you start or end your day with positive words. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

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Squirrel Recovery; Addiction

Similar to SoberGrid, users can set up a support network with other people in recovery. If a user notes that they are encountering triggers, questions will pop up about their current state of mind. The people in your circle will know from your answers how to respond so they can provide support and encouragement when you need it most. Additionally, the app tracks the number of days you have been sober and rewards you with “coins.” Available on Google Play.

Guided Mind

Another app for mindfulness, this app provides meditation tracks to help keep your thoughts calm. Learn to relax and how to deal with the daily stresses and challenges of your sober life.

Keep in mind that apps should never serve as a substitute for treatment. They may, however, help those in recovery connect with others facing similar struggles and provide them with tools that can encourage them to stay on a sober path. Available on iTunes and Google Play.

*Apps listed are suggestions and not recommendations or endorsements. Apps can be a part of a recovery support system, and do not replace treatment or aftercare.

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