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Can a Recovery Coach Help Me after a Drug Rehabilitation Program?

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Drug rehabilitation program media reports are referring to recovery coaches as individuals who can help you to maintain success after completing your program. While recovery coaches can certainly be helpful, you already have a “recovery coach” in the form of your sponsor, your support group and your aftercare program.

What Are Recovery Coaches?

Recovery coaches are individuals coaching clients of recovery along in their efforts following the drug rehabilitation program. They help clients to maintain strong sobrieties as well as with life areas such as leading healthy lifestyles, applying and interviewing for jobs, finding healthy, positive ways to enjoy life and others. The goal is to help clients stay successful in recovery to avoid returning to a drug rehabilitation program as well as to avoid experiencing relapse.

Is A Recovery Coach Necessary?

You already have a recovery coach, in fact several recovery coaches – your sponsor, your support group and your aftercare program. Your sponsor is there to help you stay strong in your recovery and he or she can answer so many questions or concerns you may have in regards to maintaining a successful sobriety after the drug rehabilitation program. Your sponsor is one of the strongest sources of support in your personal support network, which may also consist of your closest and most trusted friends and family as well as others such as a member of the clergy or a mentor.

Your support group also acts as a recovery coach of sorts, keeping you active in your recovery and providing you with the support of your recovery peers. Finally, the aftercare program of your drug rehabilitation program is another form of a personal recovery coach for you. You are able to receive guidance with such efforts as transitioning into everyday life, applying and interviewing for work and maintaining a healthy lifestyle and strong recovery. You are often able to stay connected with your drug rehabilitation program peers through such initiatives as alumni support group meetings and alumni activities.

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Maintaining Success after the Drug Rehabilitation Program

In addition to the aforementioned people and program resources, there are a number of lifestyle habits and activities that can help you maintain a successfully recovery. Here are a few…

  • Keep good company and keep yourself busy with interesting activities that you enjoy.
  • Use your relapse prevention strategies everyday to avoid harmful triggers that can lead to relapse.
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle and to manage and minimize the amount of stress in your life.

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