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Beat Alcohol and Drug Abuse Before the Holidays

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Alcohol and drug abuse may seem difficult to overcome at the beginning of the recovery process, but many women are able to live healthy, productive lives after substance abuse treatment.  There’s nothing that can push you into seeking treatment. You have to be willing to commit to a healthier lifestyle and commit to respecting your body and going down the path to recovery before you will successfully be treated for the disease of addiction. The first step is setting a goal for yourself to seek treatment.

Many women find that they create milestones for themselves as they commit to beating alcohol and drug abuse.  These milestones can be helpful in staying committed to a program.  While a 90-day rehab program may seem like a long time, when broken down into milestones it actually isn’t as long as you think. Milestones also help women in rehab recognize their achievements.

Would you believe that 90 days from today is Christmas? That means if you start a program today you can be out of treatment before the holidays and start the new year off right.  A new year and a new path to getting your life back.

Milestones to Beating Alcohol and Drug Abuse Before The Holidays

10 days.  Many people who enter substance abuse treatment have to undergo detox.  Medical detox is the process in which the drugs and alcohol are cleared out of your system.  All it takes is time, but undergoing detox with medical supervision can make the process more comfortable.

30 days. If you started a treatment program, 30 days from now you could be living sober in a sober living community.  You could have several days or even weeks of sobriety under your belt and have already taken the hardest step to beating alcohol and drug abuse.

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60 days. Alcohol and drug abuse takes a re-education of your behavior.  60 days from now you could be learning strategies and methods for overcoming triggers or for fighting your cravings.  You could be meeting new sober friends and dealing with underlying issues that have increased your risk for alcohol and drug abuse.

90 days from now you could be free from your addiction.  You could be well on the path to recovery, living a life very different from today.  All it takes is 90 days.  Are you willing to start the new year off right?

Many women struggle with making the choice to commit to themselves and seek treatment for alcohol and drug abuse.  Some women find that goal-setting is helpful and milestones can help them envision their achievements and make the path to sobriety more manageable.  Goals of 10, 30, 60, and 90 days can help keep you on track. If you or a woman you love is suffering from substance abuse or mental health problems, please call us today.  90 days may be all it takes to start the new year off right, to turn a life around and to live a healthy, productive life. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service addiction and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and behavioral health issues.

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