Destination Hope Blog » Attending Drug Rehab for Women is a Sign of Strength

Attending Drug Rehab for Women is a Sign of Strength

Drug rehab for women is a resource that not nearly as many women take advantage of that should.

Women’s drug addiction rates are incredibly high and still thought to be underreported by most professionals. Drug rehab for women is by far the most successful route available to those struggling with substance abuse issues and looking to regain control of their lives.

There are a variety of reasons that women don’t seek assistance and counseling when they have drug and alcohol problems. A large one which is found regularly in both sexes is of course that of the addicts convincing themselves that they do not in fact have a problem, and that they can stop using whenever they want to.

It goes a little deeper with regard to women though than it does with men. Since women are traditionally viewed as the organized, controlled, and infallible member of the household, they fear that admitting that they have a problem and enrolling themselves in drug rehab for women would completely shatter that image for all participants in their lives. This is a stigma that women are reported to feel to a much greater level than men.

Reframing Drug Rehab for Women as a Positive

People experience all sorts of problems throughout their lives outside the realm of drug and alcohol abuse. For example, people work themselves into a state of exhaustion all the time. They log too many hours, bring their work home with them, and their stress levels soar to the point of mental and physical shutdown.

When these people admit that they have lost control, they take some time off and often go to a therapist to address and work on the issues that got them to that place. And we as a society applaud them for doing what is necessary to get their lives back on track.

Enrolling oneself into drug rehab for women is no different. Sure the cause of the problem is substance related, however, the result and sequential treatment plan follow the same proactive path: admitting that they have a problem and they need help to fix it.

This is an incredibly brave thing to do, and men and women alike deserve to be commended for their recovery efforts rather than chastised for having the problem in the first place. As a society, we need to accept that no one is perfect and we all suffer challenges, however the most courageous among us are the ones who persevere through those challenges and better themselves as a result of it.

If there is a woman in your life who is suffering in silence and could benefit from a drug rehab for women, please tell her about the incredible staff at Destination Hope: The Women’s Program. Destination Hope is the premier drug and alcohol recovery treatment facility designed especially for women with addiction issues.

We are sensitive to the specialty needs of our female clients and work diligently toward our shared goal of helping them achieve and maintain long-term sobriety. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program can provide the support system you need to give you the strength to kick start your recovery. Call us when you’re ready. We’d love to hear from you!