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Study on Rising Alcoholism Rates Among U.S. Women

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Alcohol rehab is a recognized part of our society, although the general public usually associates it with men. This is almost certainly because the overwhelming percentage of alcoholics in this country are male, but a new study conducted at Columbia University is reporting on how those percentages could be evening out faster than anyone realizes.

More women than ever are drinking in America. Subsequently, more women are developing problems with alcoholism and needing alcohol rehab to regain control of their lives. But why? There are a few reasons being tossed around by experts as to the cause of the surge of female drinking in the United States.

The first and most obvious explanation is provided by Katherine M. Keyes, the co-author of the study: “It seems like the introduction of more women into the workforce, and more upwardly mobile women – while that has many, very positive benefits to society, it’s also reducing social sanctions on drinking. Now it’s becoming more and more acceptable for women to drink.”

Contributing Factors Of Alcoholism in U.S. Women

More women in the workforce equals more female breadwinners in the household. With financial implications often come additional and increased stress levels. Any alcohol rehab addiction specialist will attest that when stress levels rise, drinking levels will regularly follow suit.

Women are also entering more white-collar jobs like banking for example, which traditionally have been held by men. There are social demands for these types of jobs which include entertaining and social drinking, making it expected for women to engage in drinking when out with colleagues and clients. The rise of women in universities is also likely partly responsible, where a culture of binge drinking is a normal and accepted part of everyday life.

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Why Women Struggling With Alcohol Should Enter Rehab

You don’t need to be an alcoholic to harm your body from alcohol, excessive drinking can do a great job at accomplishing that. For example, women who drink heavily are at a much greater risk for being a victim of sexual and domestic violence than women who do not.

Women also face the increased risk of developing physical illnesses like heart and liver disease much sooner than men do thanks to their lighter body composition. Alcohol rehab can be a great place for women who’ve been having problems with drinking to get a grip on their lives before they become completely dependent on it.

Destination Hope is a full-service alcohol rehab and addiction treatment center for women in South Florida.

The caring staff at Destination Hope understands how quickly social drinking can turn into alcohol abuse, which can turn into alcohol dependence. They pride themselves on providing the comforting and nurturing environment a woman needs to heal her wounds.

Through individual, group and family therapy, your counselor will work with you to help uncover the underlying factors causing you to drink, and teach you how to avoid stumbling into the same pitfalls. When you’re ready, please give the admissions counselors at Destination Hope a call so we can help you take your life back today.

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