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Aftercare 101: Ways to Show Gratitude for Getting Through the Holidays

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Aftercare during the holidays can be your best tool for relapse prevention. The holidays can test the patience and fortitude of most any woman, but when you’re facing your first holiday season after treatment for substance abuse or a mental health disorder, the holiday season can be especially trying. Your aftercare support is important all year long and, during a season when self-care often falls by the wayside, it’s vital that you continue to take care of yourself over the next two months with a focus on relapse prevention. Once you get through the season, it’s time to relish your accomplishments and be proud and grateful for getting through the holidays successfully.

Four Aftercare Secrets For Getting Through The Holidays

  • Begin Each Day Focused on You.

Women often put themselves last after taking care of family members or focusing on friends and coworkers. Although you might think you can squeeze in a little “me” time at the end of the day, chances are you’ll be too tired. Start each day doing one thing for yourself to make sure you’re not leaving your own needs and wants out of the season.

  • Start a New Holiday Tradition.

A healthy amount of focus on your well-being is essential to aftercare and relapse prevention. Begin a new holiday tradition of going for a massage or facial, or visiting your favorite places alone. Use this time to enjoy peace and quiet while you indulge in activities you enjoy.

  • Extend Care to the Community.

Everyone receives a gift or two they really don’t have use for. Spread kindness by giving any unwanted gifts to a local homeless shelter or organization that helps women in need.  Aftercare should be about you, but also the impact you make on those around you.  Make it positive.

  • Give Yourself Permission to Ditch the Superwoman Cape.
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Despite your efforts, did you find yourself over-committing and doing too much during the holiday season? Express gratitude for making it through by ditching the Superwoman cape and vowing not to overdo it again next holiday season.

Relapse prevention is something you must work at every day to maintain health and wellness. By making aftercare a priority during the holidays, you can get through them without succumbing to triggers, temptations, or challenges. Expressing gratitude during holidays provides you with the chance to continue self-care as you maintain the season’s theme of giving to yourself and others.

The most important thing to remember in aftercare is that if you relapse, you have not failed and you should not give up.  You are not alone in your recovery nor in your relapse, so reach out for help.  Recovery can be confusing, but there is a lot of help available.

If you or a woman you love is in need of help with substance abuse or is experiencing relapse in recovery, please call us today. We have a women’s program designed to treat the unique needs of women who suffer from substance abuse and mental health disorders and help women stick with their relapse prevention plan. Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service alcohol abuse, drug addiction, and women’s health treatment facility in Florida for women who suffer from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

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