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Pathological Lying & Addiction

Pathological lying is a part of life as an addict. Ask any recovering addict and they will attest to this fact. In reality, lying is so common that many treatment specialists now just consider it to be a part of the disease of addiction. Considering that so many addicts are addicted to illicit substances, right off the bat they can feel that they have no other choice but to lie about their behaviors as they’re generally frowned upon by society not to mention against the law.

What starts off as a lie here and there to friends and family members can quickly spiral into pathological lying in an attempt to keep their habit a secret from their loved ones. The telling of lies can become such second nature to an alcoholic or drug addict that even they themselves can have a hard time distinguishing between truth and fiction.

What Is the Goal of My Loved One’s Pathological Lying

It’s very hard for those closest to an addict not to get their feelings hurt by the constant web of lies they’re being fed. Often times the friends of family of the addict are aware of the substance abuse and either don’t know how to approach them or are fearful of the reaction, so the lies can add insult to injury.

It’s important to remember that your loved one is not lying to you out of spite or to intentionally hurt you. They have become consumed by their addiction and unfortunately protecting that habit is the foremost thought in their mind at all times and lying to those around them is just part of the package. Here are a few examples of why our addicted loved ones will lie to us:

  • They Lie to Cover Up the Addiction– This is by far the most obvious as well as the most common.
  • They Lie to Avoid Confrontation– A frequent misconception by loved one’s of addicts is that they are very confrontational. A large part of the pathological lying is actually with the hope of avoiding confrontation.
  • People with Addictions Don’t Want to be Forced to Change– Many addicts realize that what they’re doing is not in their best interest however they want everything to happen on their terms. If they’re going to use or try and quit, it’s going to be up to them and no one can say differently.
  • Others Often Go Along with the Lies– Most family and friends of addicts are guilty of this at the early stages of addiction simply because they don’t know how to handle the situation. This only reinforces the idea in the addict’s head that you either don’t notice or are not bothered by their behavior.

Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a full service drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment center for women with substance abuse problems in South Florida. If you have a loved one who’s begun pathological lying to you to try and cover up their addiction, please get in contact with us now. This is not behavior that will fix itself on its own. Help up give her the treatment and support she needs and deserves. Call us anytime!