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Return to Work

The benefits of a comprehensive program for union employees are undeniable. Tangible, financial benefits to the employer are clear while the intangible benefits to the employee both in work and home life are obvious. The return-to-work program at Destination Hope is second to none in its scope and support. We understand the unique requirements of unions and their members. As such, we offer tailored programs to ensure that each member gets the individualized care they need in a modern, clinically focused environment. The goal, of course, is to provide each member the customized care they require, while returning them to work with renewed health as soon as possible.

Offering More

While we recognize that the backbone of any treatment program is clinical effectiveness and expertise, we also know there is so much more to treatment. Treatment shouldn’t be any harder than it already is. Rather, we offer a number of ancillary services here at Destination Hope to make each client’s core treatment even more effective. Union members will have access to a multitude of activities that both make their stay with us more comfortable and their treatment more effective. This includes:

  • An individualized treatment plan
  • Incorporating requirements as stipulated by the union, EAP or LAP
  • A modern, comfortable environment in which to recover
  • Excellent food with a professional chef on staff
  • Nutritional counseling from our in-house dietician
  • Bedding to match or even exceed what one would find at home
  • A caring and professional environment free of judgment and working towards the common goal of recovery

We invite you to speak to us further about the programs we have available to your members and we look forward to providing you with the world-class care that has made Destination Hope a nationwide leader in recovery.


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