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A Culture of Communication

We understand that there are many stakeholders in a union member’s success. And we are dedicated to ensuring clear and complete communication, while maintaining the client’s privacy wishes. From admissions, to clinical staff and medical staff, we meet routinely to update the treatment plan and ensure that every union member is receiving the care they need and deserve. Our team works closely together to address any individual hurdles to success they may have. And when possible, we employ the very best resources – their families and union “family” – to assist in recovery.

We all know that communication is key to a relationship. This is no different in the substance-abuse and mental health setting. Often times, mental health issues, addiction and substance abuse break down the lines of communication and make the recovery process that much more difficult. It is no wonder that addiction and mental illness fractures families and workplaces.

The Right Guidance at the Right Time

However, with the right guidance and the right clinical staff in place, union members can work to rebuild those lines of communication and reset relationships with their family both at home and at work.

Doing so often results in a better workplace environment and increases the productivity of the team as a whole. Union members who, with our help, create a supportive environment after discharge improve their outcomes, reduce the risk of relapse and are more able to return themselves to the normalcy of their pre-substance abusing life.

Not only do we provide these resources to the union member during treatment, but we can also offer guidance to your membership as a whole. We can tailor an education program that:

  1. Allows members to understand their mental health and substance abuse benefits under their insurance policy
  2. Offers mental health and substance abuse guidance to membership, many of which may be quietly struggling the demons of addiction and mental health issues
  3. Creates resources to address the unique challenges members face at home and outside of the workplace

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