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The DH Union Solidarity Program

While unions offer a unique degree of support and fellowship between management and their members, the struggle with workplace stress that can lead to anxiety, depression, mental illness and substance abuse is still unacceptably high. By some estimates, more than 120,000 deaths1 are attributable to excess stress in the workplace. Unfortunately, along with this staggering number remains that the vast majority of those with mental illness or substance abuse issues never seek treatment. This may be due to the stigma associated with the disease of addiction and mental health problems or because they simply don't know what resources are available to them

Our treatment center is dedicated to the recovery from substances for union members, recognizing that exceptional quality, comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment benefits not only the union member, but the union itself and the organization for which the member works. Our management, as well as many of the treatment staff have worked closely with unions in the past and have created an environment in which union members will not only get the very best treatment, but stakeholders in their success can be a part of the journey as well. Our management team has worked with unions including: UAW, AFLCIO, Teamsters, United Brotherhood of Carpenters, IBEW, Association of Flight Attendants, Corrections Unions amongst others

What’s more, not all treatment programs are equal in their scope and specialization. Every client is in need of individualized care and there is a best program for their needs. We hope to offer objective, comprehensive guidance to assist with the appropriate treatment of your members . Whether you download our comprehensive treatment handbook for EAPs, or contact us directly for more information, we look forward to helping you offer the best solution for your company and members.

Please sign up for our Union newsletter below and/or contact us at 877-772-1930 for our full breadth of union addiction program resources.

1 Goh, J., Pfeffer, J., & Zenios, S. A. (2015). The relationship between workplace stressors and mortality and health costs in the United States. Management Science, 62(2), 608-628.

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We look forward to speaking with you about your members' needs, at which point we can develop a pathway for them to be assessed and ultimately enter treatment at an appropriate level of care at our facility.

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DH Arranges Travel

The admissions specialists at Destination Hope work closely with you, our mutual client and their families to arrange appropriate travel to and from treatment. We work with members throughout the United States.

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Regular Communication with You

We believe in transparency and within privacy constraints endeavor to offer the information you need to properly evaluate the course of treatment through regular updates and status reports.