Addiction Treatment with Yoga

During the treatment process at Destination Hope, clients receive significant therapy in which they verbally process thoughts and emotions that would otherwise keep them stuck in the cycle of unhealthy behaviors. This is in the form or individual and group therapy. While talk therapy is a critical tool in the recovery process, there are other modalities that are beneficial for healing and peace of mind.

Woman in addiction recovery practices yoga on sandy beach in Fort Lauderdale at Destination Hope to help her process her emotions through movement and connect with her body.

Yoga at Destination Hope

Yoga happens to be one of the most popular and successful and beneficial adjunctive therapeutic interventions for our clients. In addition to traditional therapies, yoga gives our clients the opportunity to express the feelings in their minds but processing them with movement instead of verbal expression.

Our yoga instructors meet the clients where they are and ease them in. Some clients who seek care at Destination Hope have never practiced yoga or have preconceived notions of what it is. This can lead someone, who was once resistant to attending our yoga groups, to come out of it saying, “Wow, that was amazing. I feel so much better.” No matter if a client is a novice or a yogi, the knowledgeable instructors on staff tailor the style of yoga to meet the needs of the individual.

Our Mission

Our goal here is to get clients on the yoga mat so that they can connect with their bodies in a way they may have never before. Connecting with the physical body is a healing process that often opens doors to mental and emotional healing as well. After several sessions, clients become stronger and more flexible and can feel their own improvement. Sometimes this is the first tangible and remarkable achievement in a long time. As such, practicing yoga increases feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.

As clients graduate through the treatment program, we can guide them to find a local class so they can continue their practice. Practicing yoga is a powerful way to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. We invite the clients to surrender their worries while on the mat and move their body to create serenity, strength and hope for their new life in recovery.


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