Jack’s Treatment Testimonial

I would say drug and alcohol user for over 40 years and that’s what brought me to Destination Hope. The real catalyst was that I was physically ill for about six months and wasn’t really sure what it was, but it turns out that it was my alcohol use. When I came to treatment, I was brought here and had absolutely no idea what treatment was. I was told it was gonna give me the tools that I needed in order to be successful once I left, but what I didn’t realize was there were many things that I didn’t know about my disease and many things that I was taught, and basically, I was given the opportunity to make my life better by paying attention, listening and being active while I was here.

I tried to do everything that was recommended to me and certainly they gave me many ideas about once I left the importance of finding homegroup, getting a sponsor, working the steps and getting a support group, in addition to the alumni from Destination Hope. So, coming here I stopped alcohol, learned what to do to make sure that I wouldn’t have any problems once I left. I basically have been sober now for almost two years and my life has changed 180 degrees. I’m probably happier now than I’ve ever been as an adult. I’m able to cope with life much better than I ever was in the past. I found a job that it’s probably the best job I’ve ever had. My life has indeed really, really turned out well and I have to get much credit to Destination Hope because that’s where I started, you know. The tools that I needed in order to be successful remain sober from this period of time.


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