Diane’s Treatment Testimonial

Hi, my name is Diane Schiraldi and I am 55 years old. I’ve been working on getting sober since I was in my 40s. I did have six years and like many faltered, and then it was harder to get sober as I got older, so I decided one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a good life, but something inside of myself was hurting. There was some, there was a pain inside of me, a fear of success, of just a plain fear, you know, that hindered my growth in many, many ways. I was a good mother, you know. I had all those other things that kept me on track, but when I finally became a mother, with the empty nest syndrome, I think that really accelerated everything, after years of having had sobriety. This did not look good, feel good and I just didn’t want that to be part of my life anymore. But, I couldn’t stop.

I couldn’t stop drinking because that is really the one thing that I have no power over, and my insurance allowed me to become a patient here at Destination Hope. Which was a year ago, and I am celebrating a year of sobriety this week. What I learned from Destination Hope was not just to stop drinking, it taught me more than that. I love Destination Hope like no other. I have learned how to open up something that was very hard for me in the living facilities. Something I never thought was possible, was possible. I’m happier today, I’m healthier today, I have goals, I still have plenty of fears, but I know that I know there’s a place for me to come back to. I know there are people here I can communicate with, and most of all, that gives me a great sense of peace. My whole personality has changed so much, kind of, I’m so much more loving. I’m so much more compassionate. And that’s who I always have been, that’s the real me. That’s what I learned here is how to be me.


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