Daniel’s Treatment Testimonial

My name is Daniel and I’m an addict. And you know, I guess what I hope that this video will express to people is that addiction can happen to anyone. I don’t think it’s it’s limited to your age, your race, your income, your sexual identity, your religion or anything like that. I first, I thought that, that’s what it was about, but I’ve come to realize, like through experience and I lived it, that could happen to anyone. I grew up down here in South Florida, Pembroke Pines, I came from a really, really good family you know. Two parents, a sister, no abuse, upper-class, I always had food on the table, I’ve always had clothes on my back, whatever I wanted within reason, you know. I wasn’t abused, I wasn’t attacked, I didn’t have a lot of the struggles that I’d noticed, like a lot of other people you know who fall into addiction have. So it was kind of, it’s kind of confusing to me like in that way you know, because I always had like this stereotype or like this stigma of what addiction is and I couldn’t have been more wrong. Like for me, I strongly believe it could happen to anyone. I went from being a great student in high school, top of my class, to failing out of college, to having serious bouts of depression.

I started using oxycodone, opiates wasn’t a big one, but literally whatever people gave to me I never said no. I’ve done xanax, I’ve done a lot of hallucinogens, I also you know like doing those, but I don’t mean one that I felt connected to. And the main one that I was depressed you know depended on is the weed first off, and then the oxycodone, like killer opiates, while I was using, I tried to kill myself, like three serious suicide attempts. I didn’t think that there was a way out you know. I didn’t see a way out. I didn’t want a way out you know, even though this was causing me so much pain and so much misery. Like I still like felt in my heart that it was the right thing, like I would rather die high than live clean, which was kind of my perspective. Which it sounds pretty twisted now, but when I was in it that was my mentality you know, that was my mentality. I was taken to a psychiatric detox, as I was dual diagnosed – I had depression social anxiety, and drug addiction and I didn’t want help for myself. So, I had to get help you know forced onto me.

The thing that I’m really grateful for is Destination Hope gave my brain a chance to dry out, like I was in so many chemicals and I was in so much like deluded thoughts and perspective you know, as a result of my drug use. I didn’t even realize it, but just like time, like thought, like let my detox let my brain clear out a little bit, to let the fog lift you know. Like that was the major thing I kind of got to. Like you know, like the exact, you know natures and the exact reasons behind using and it helped sort a lot of things out. It helped me get myself back on track and realized that what I was doing was not beneficial, but not only that, more importantly that there is another way to live That I can do it. My clean date is October 31st, Halloween of 2011, and so it’s like two years and four months now. And I haven’t used which is you know like a miracle.


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