Biofeedback, a tool used in Biosound™ Therapy, teaches clients to harness the power of their mind by increasing awareness of what is happening in their bodies and gaining control over every aspect of their health. Biosound™ Therapy integrates biofeedback, music therapy, sound frequency massage, and guided imagery into one platform to soothe the client’s mind and guide them into a peaceful state. These therapies take place on the Biolounge, a vibrating lounge chair constructed of memory foam that has integrated audio and visual systems. It is a highly intuitive, interactive piece of equipment that allows clients to lie back and relax during their therapy session.

The Biolounge promotes relaxation and a deep meditative state through rhythmic beats and vibrations. It is able to read heart rhythm patterns, synchronize the body’s nervous system, and encourage mindfulness and awareness through positive affirmations. The program has several levels so that the client can ease into treatment and progress towards higher intensity sessions. This helps achieve a higher level of coherence and push intellectual and physical boundaries.

Biosound’s™ cutting-edge technology provides the client with a number of benefits. Its primary goal is to help treat depression, anxiety, and stress by minimizing racing thoughts and relaxing the mind and body. Guided imagery is designed to address the guilt, fear, shame, and trauma many people who face addiction or mental health issues deal with every day. By taking these negative emotions and replacing them with positive ones, the client is able to overcome deeply rooted issues and enter into a state of tranquility. Clients are also taught techniques to manage their emotions and physical reactions to the environment through biofeedback therapy¹. All of these factors lead to a reduced turnover rate and extended treatment stays, as clients are more receptive to therapy and more responsive to what their therapist has to say.






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