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Recover from Unhealthy Relationships with Loved Ones

In it’s simplest form, codependency describes behavior that is learned from those close to us.

Often arising out of a dysfunctional family life, codependent behavior is learned in response to fear, anger, or shame that is ignored or denied. Codependents often grow up in households marked by suppression, silence, and unrealistic expectations, leading to the inability to recognize one’s own self-worth. As a result, many codependents live in fear of abandonment.

The behavior is often passed from one generation to the next and affects the codependent’s life by not allowing healthy and normal daily interactions or relationships. Because of the roles that develop, an individual who is codependent will often place the needs of others over their own and are willing to do almost anything to keep that relationship from falling apart.

Most often, this dependence is emotional and social as the codependent tries to feel a sense of worth by “connecting” with another person. Unfortunately, for most codependents, this sense of worth never materializes and they often face depression and shame. In turn, the codependent person may turn to substance abuse to mask these feelings.

There is freedom in codependency recovery. At Destination Hope, our codependency treatment center personalizes a program designed to help you overcome your experiences of the past, learn new coping skills, and build healthy relationships in the future.


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