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Rehab for Paramedics

By definition, paramedics are surrounded by trauma. They see catastrophic injuries, emotional situations and death on a regular basis. As the first providers of medical care in many situations, they are also subject to a tremendous amount of pressure to do their job right, as they are quite literally making life and death decisions. Many paramedics struggle with “survivor’s guilt” as a result of this pressure and stress.

While many paramedics “desensitize” themselves and develop their own coping mechanisms, the stress and trauma exposure can simply build up over time. Substance abuse issues – along with mental health disorders – are easily developed in this high pressure career. In addition, the paramedic community has relatively easier access to prescription medications, which can lead to addiction. These problems can compound, increasing the need for specific rehab for paramedics

Finding Quality Care for Paramedics

Our paramedic substance abuse treatment program is a comprehensive addiction and mental health treatment program that addresses underlying depression and anxiety, providing therapy for paramedics to find their way to sober living and new meaning. We work with employee assistance programs, unions, disciplinary boards and licensing boards to assist paramedics in regaining control in their life and careers.

Our program helps paramedics rewire their brain after repeated trauma, developing healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety and finding ways to beat burn out, all while overcoming addiction and substance abuse. If your loved one is a paramedic with an addiction or mental health disorder, don’t wait to seek help. Contact us today to learn about our specialized treatment program.