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Alcohol Withdrawal

Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms

Mild to moderate signs of alcohol withdrawal include:

  • Heart palpitations/increased heart rate
  • Anxiety/irritability/agitation
  • Trembling/shaking/mild tremors
  • Insomnia/nightmares
  • Clammy, sweaty skin
  • Pulsing headache

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms may worsen as time passes and may persist for several hours or days, depending on the severity of the addiction. Doctors generally prescribe benzodiazepines for relief from insomnia and anxiety caused by alcohol withdrawal. Severe symptoms of alcohol withdrawal, sometimes referred to as delirium tremens (DTs), are characterized by hallucinations (both visual and auditory), seizures, and serious cognitive problems. People who have been abusing alcohol for several years may benefit from hospitalization to avoid suffering from potentially dangerous medical conditions caused by a profound addiction to alcohol.