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Reach More Patients by Marketing to Older Adults

The number of people who are in their 50s and 60s continues to rise, and this population is not immune to substance use disorders (SUDs). In fact, SUDs are on the rise in this segment of the population, including both illicit drug use and alcohol abuse. In order to reach baby boomers and older adults, treatment centers must design programs that meet their specific needs and use marketing strategies and messaging that resonate with them.

Older adults need to be assured that they will not be in a room full of 18-year-olds. Just letting them know this is one of the greatest marketing messages, says Ben Brafman, CEO of Destination Hope, LLC, based in South Florida. This should be front and center on all marketing materials. Also, create an alumni program for continued support. This not only helps the center achieve positive outcomes, it is an excellent marketing tool.

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