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Nutrition Overview

While it may seem obvious that good nutrition leads to wellness, many people don’t really know what that means. We are constantly bombarded with media messages that tell us what’s healthy, and it seems those messages change on a daily basis. What was once healthy is now forbidden, what was off-limits is now a “superfood.” As if those mixed messages aren’t confusing enough, for those who have engaged in years of damaging behaviors, healing our bodies with food and supplements can seem particularly overwhelming.

Nutrition is an overarching term, referring to not only the foods we eat and what we drink, but also to proper vitamin and mineral supplementation. Nutrition also involves understanding how all these components affect our bodies, moods, and behaviors, in addition to understanding metabolism and overall wellness.

Nutrition goes far beyond the food pyramid or what to put on the dinner plate. It truly is an understanding of what our body needs on a daily basis to not only function at an optimal level, but to sustain and repair itself from environmental factors, aging, and years of abuse from behavioral health issues.

A byproduct of better nutrition is weight management, which leads to increased self-confidence and self-worth, allowing clients to make better choices while avoiding past crutches to mask feelings of self-doubt or insecurity.   


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