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What Our Clients and Families Are Saying

“So much healing has happened today and I appreciate being pulled out of my comfort zone”. (day 1)

“Very positive day, lots of fun and heartfelt moments. Feel much better as a family unit and very excited to use what I’ve learned when Zach comes home”. (day 2) – Croix

“Very efficient dig deep and well facilitated. Very grateful to have the opportunity”. – Zach

“Lystra  is amazing her knowledge compassion and love for what she does shines”!  😊 – Alexis

“I learned something each time”! (day 1)

“Enjoyed day 2 so much! Day one was intense and exhausting, but necessary”.(day 2) – Lori

“I learn something new every time we do a new group”. (day 1)

“Great weekend”! (day 2) – Andrew

“I leave today feeling very certain that this is the very best place I could have chosen for Daniel to be. Thank you to all of the dedicated people on staff at destination help”. – Leslie


“Always a pleasure to work in therapy with Lystra”. – Kennith

“This program is very wonderful.  I am so happy my husband found Destination hope to help himself as well as myself work through addiction and working as a team, fully understanding each other”. – Kayley

July Family Program Weekend kick-off event

See what our clients and their families filled on our Q&A survey during our event

Q: What did you learn that you did not know before attending this program?

A: I learned that my connection is better than I thought with Zach.(Croix)

A: The true meaning of codependent. Also the victim triangle and its full meaning. (Kayley)

A: You get past denial with complete honesty and I didn’t know about the victim triangle and being part of all sides.(Kenny)

A: That I have to be accountable and “learn”. (Lori)

A: The support of all the families and that other families are going through the same stuff.(Andrew)

Q: Would you recommend this program to another family?

A: Yes. Absolutely, it was very eye-opening and educational. Lystra is phenomenal. (Croix)

A: Yes. This program is very open and really wants to help their clients. (Kayley)

A: Yes. Every family (when ready) could use this to help them understand everyone has to get help (Kennith)

A: Yes. They really care about us. (Andrew)

A: Yes. Very caring and professional. (Buzz)

A: Yes. Educational and healing! (Alexis)


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