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Our Approach

A Unique Approach Through Family Addiction Counseling

At Destination Hope, we firmly believe that just as a family can feel bruised and broken because one of their own is facing addiction, they can also be healed and strengthened too. It requires channeling the family resentment and anger to love and support; re-purposing their emotions. Our family addiction counseling sessions often shed light on the origin that led to an addiction. When paired with a controlled, non-aggressive environment led by a counselor, the family and client begin to re-form the bonds that were damaged.

Drug and alcohol addiction rarely affects just the addict. Chemical dependency makes an impact on family, friends, and other loved ones who suffer too. The effects of drugs and alcohol can make addicts behave irrationally and desperate, potentially causing harm to themselves or others. Often, we see clients who have severed ties with their family for one of two reasons: either the client has left the family as a result of feeling rejected, unwanted or unloved, or the family has severed ties with the addict as a result of stress, anger, and anxiety over their substance abusing relative.