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Podcast #1 – The Very First

June 8, 2020

Jim Magner: Good afternoon, everybody out there. My name is Jim Magner here with my good friend John Reeck. This is Destination Hope’s first ever podcast. So, today we want to talk to the alumni about a couple things. Being that this is the first time we're doing this; John and I were talking, and we decided that we wanted to talk about the importance of alumni. And so, I'm going to let John talk a little bit about that. We'll go from there. John Reeck: First. I want to talk about what recovery can do, because here we got…

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Podcast #2: The Hope Shot

May 12, 2020

 Good morning everybody, I'm Jim Magner And this is John Reeck. Welcome to The Hope Shot Jim: So, John, we were just talking a couple minutes ago, before we got started here, and you came up with a pretty interesting topic - being uncomfortable in early recovery. John: And long-term recovery. Jim: Recovery is uncomfortable a lot of times. When you’re sitting there talking about it for a minute and I start to think. When I think about recovery…it’s doing the things that we don't always want to do…that are going to better our lives. And that's always uncomfortable.…

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