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Meet One of Our Dietitians at DH – Kenneth Snyder, RDN, LDN

Kenny started his career working as a Clinical Dietitian in the acute care setting for two years. From there, he decided to branch out into the world of substance abuse and eating disorders, and has since worked the residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient levels of care as a Registered Dietitian. In addition to experience working in the clinical setting and multiple treatment centers, he has a passion for sports nutrition and extensive knowledge of dietary supplements.

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Tips to Promote Healthy Nutrition in Recovery

The role of nutrition in recovery is an understated one.

As we said in our last nutritional blog, addicts right off the bat are very regularly malnourished. Whether you’re choosing to spend your money on illicit drugs instead of food, or you’re avoiding eating to refrain from killing your buzz, addicts with poor nutritional habits are a dime a dozen. While this is the norm when dealing with someone with an active addiction, it’s destructive behavior that must be broken in the recovery process. We cannot nourish our minds without nourishing our bodies, and this is where the role of nutrition in recovery really comes into play.

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