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Alcohol Abuse

Coping with Alcohol Abuse In a Loved One

Alcohol abuse can be difficult for not only the individual suffering from the addiction, but also for the family. It can be very painful and disturbing to watch someone you love suffer from alcohol abuse, especially if you see the pattern of behavior before they do.

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Alcohol Abuse and Your Skeleton

Alcohol abuse has a long list of terrible effects – physically, psychologically and emotionally. Alcohol abuse detrimentally affects many systems of the body such as the neurological system, the digestive system and even the skeleton.

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse on the Skin

Alcohol abuse affects you mentally, emotionally, and physically. Over time the effects of alcohol can have a heavy impact on your total wellbeing, but it is especially evident in your physical health. We associate alcohol with flushed faces and red noses, but the effects of alcohol abuse on the skin can go much further than you may realize.

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The Effects of Alcohol Abuse on Your Intelligence Capabilities

The effects of alcohol abuse generally fall into two broad categories: long-term and short-term. The short-term effects usually result from drinking for a few hours and include difficulty with balance and walking, slurred speech, slowed reaction times, and impaired memory. Drunk driving is a common consequence of alcohol’s short-term effects, where poor judgment and slowed reaction times may lead to accidents, often fatal. Long-term effects can be even more severe and difficult to reverse.

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Understanding the Effects of Alcoholism on the Skin

The effects of alcoholism can be very serious on the entire human body. Addiction to alcohol can cause numerous internal health problems including liver disease, high blood pressure and cancer. But, it can also take a big toll on your physical appearance as well. In fact, alcoholism and alcohol abuse can impact your skin in some pretty significant ways.

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Effects of Alcohol Abuse on the Skeletal System

The effects of alcohol abuse go well beyond the body’s digestive system. In fact, alcohol abuse impacts every system in the body. If you or someone you love is abusing alcohol, do you know how it impacts their body? Today we’re going to explore how alcoholism and alcohol abuse effect the skeletal system.

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