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Can Alcohol Addiction Counseling Help Me?

Alcohol addiction counseling without question helps tens of thousands of men and women in this country get sober every year. The largest obstacle to this treatment is of course the large scale of denial that so many alcoholics with an active addiction possess.

Alcohol abuse is widely accepted in the United States as a normal part of an otherwise productive existence. From television and movies to work functions to entertaining friends and family members, alcohol is an ever-present part of the landscape. This undoubtedly blurs the lines for many between alcohol misuse, abuse and dependence. Alcohol addiction counseling can play an integral role in deciphering what stage of your alcohol use you’re in, as well as shed some light on where you’re heading.

Women especially have always been very difficult to diagnose. That’s because American women historically often go to extremes to hide their alcohol use from those closest to them. Couple that with the immense pressure society places on the modern woman to be the central, grounding, nurturing unit in the family and you have a substantial portion of the female population driven to alcohol abuse as a coping mechanism and hiding it from everyone.

Do I Need Alcohol Addiction Counseling? If Yes, am I an Alcoholic?

Benefiting from alcohol addiction counseling does not necessarily mean that you are an alcoholic, but your behavior is likely indicative that you are heading in that direction. Alcohol abuse is characterized as engaging in behavior that is harmful to the drinker as well as those around them, but a physical and psychological dependence is not a prerequisite. According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, indicators of alcohol abuse include the following:

  • Missing work or skipping childcare responsibilities because of drinking
  • Drinking in situations that are dangerous, such as before or while driving
  • Being arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or for hurting someone while drunk
  • Continuing to drink even though there are ongoing alcohol-related tensions with friends and family

Alcohol addiction counseling can have as profound an effect on the alcohol abuser as it can the full blown addict. This is why alcohol addiction counseling is being handed out more and more by judges to adults and juveniles alike who have committed non-violent crimes under the influence or related to alcohol.

Many of these individuals are not addicts yet but they are engaging in extremely dangerous behavior and specialty treatment can help them realize the error of their ways and how to change them before things progressively get worse.

Destination Hope: The Women’s Program is a premier drug, alcohol and dual diagnosis treatment facility for women in South Florida. Their staff is so well trained in alcohol addiction counseling that they actually started a school called the Addiction Academy to teach other industry professionals how to better treat their clients with substance abuse issues.

If there’s a woman in your life who is abusing alcohol, don’t wait until something terrible happens to get her the help she needs. Get her in contact with the caring folks at Destination Hope and let them help her work through her issues that prompted her alcohol abuse in the first place. Day or night, we’re always here. Call us anytime!